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Best Mattress Type -Memory Foam vs Spring

While buying a mattress, we made a decision on the level of comfort the mattress had to offer. But which is the best mattress type for that, as there are different types of mattresses? Is it the standard spring mattress or the foam mattress? Every individual has a different opinion about this. And so emerges a new rivalry of foam vs spring mattress. Which is the most confusing thing on the planet if you listen to every other person, to help you selecting the right type of mattress here you will get to know more about both foam and spring mattress, and what type makes the best bedding for you.

Foam vs Spring Mattress

The two basic categories of mattresses are foam and spring mattress. It is true that there are other types of mattresses beyond these two categories. Some manufacturers make air mattresses. And there are still water beds, where water is the main point of support for the mattress. But, they represent a very small percentage of this industry. And the truth is at the end of the day, the riddle the buyers end up with is the foam vs spring mattress debacle.

  • Foam mattress

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    Foam mattresses right now is becoming the more popular mattress type with time. And why not? The mattresses provide an adaptable and ergonomic rest. Plus, they avoid the pressure points in the body. Generally, the firmness of these mattresses is usually medium or high. However, that depends on the model, the manufacturer of the foams and its composition. This mattress type offers a high degree of adaptability. But that may vary depending on the amount and density of the material. The more quantity and density of foams, the greater the degree of flexibility of the mattress.

    Foam mattresses can have one or two sides of use, depending on the characteristics of each. You can use them in summer as in winter since, in general, they are usually symmetrical.

    They are suitable for adults as well as for the elderly and young. They are also fit for sleepers suffering from low back, muscle or joint pain.
  • Spring Mattress

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    Spring mattresses offer different sensations depending on the type of spring they incorporate. Although they are generally characterized by firmness and great perspiration. Solid spring mattresses combine the firmness with different types of cushioning layers. So, that offers greater comfort. These types of mattresses usually offer a central housing of springs. Plus, they have different layers of damping on each side of the mattress. And for the higher comfort, the mattresses use thick shock absorbers. And that ends up offering exceptional flexibility.

    Spring mattresses uses different types of springs to offer different characteristics. For example, pocket springs generally offer a lower degree of stability. But that also depends on the thickness of the spring and other components that form the mattress. The bagged springs will offer a more stable rest than the firm spring. Because they are independent springs. And they adapt better to the frame of the sleeper reducing the feeling of flexibility.

Pros and Cons of both Mattresses

In short, now you know about both mattress type. But from the foam vs spring mattress confrontation; you still don’t know which might come as the winner. That’s why I’ve made a list of pros and cons of both the mattresses. And the idea is to bring the essence of them to the general public. So, that you can find the answer yourself and get the right kind of bedding for your bed.

Foam Mattress Pros & Cons 


  • Foam mattresses have a variety of positive qualities and are therefore preferred by people with back problems. These mattresses consist of a foam core and therefore offer an excellent rest.
  • They are superior to most spring mattresses because of their good reclining properties. A change in the sleeping position is immediately cushioned by a cold foam mattress.
  • Cold foam mattresses are moisture and temperature-regulating, therefore hardly susceptible to mites and dust which is great for people with allergy issues. They absorb liquid well and have high ventilation, which creates a healthy, dry sleeping environment.
  • The handling of foam mattresses is facilitated by the fact that they weigh only slightly. Moreover, these mattresses cause almost no noise when the body moves.


  • Unlike spring mattress they aren’t that durable. They don’t stay firm for long and that even for those mattresses for which you had to pay big bucks.
  • Due to the chemical manufacturing process, however, these mattresses often have a somewhat unpleasant odor at first. They should, therefore, be adequately ventilated in the first period. After a few days, this smell disappears.
  • Undeniably, they cost much more than a spring mattress.

Spring Mattress Pros & Cons 


  • Steel spring core ensures good ventilation of the mattress. This is especially an advantage for people who perspire at night. They are also a solution for bed frames, which are not sufficiently ventilated from below.
  • Such mattresses are popular not only for its longevity but also for their particularly high stability. They are suitable for long-term use. And also appreciated by people who love a hard foundation to sleep on.


  • A puncture elasticity adapted to the different body zones is impossible with the spring core. This means that the shoulders and pelvis do not sink down optimally, which considerably restricts sleep comfort. Often a poor circulation, restless sleep, and joint pain are the results.
  • A further disadvantage of sleeping on a spring core mattress is that frequently when the body moves, it makes disturbing noise.

A Few Final Words

Foam vs spring mattress, which one should be the perfect option that depends on individual tastes. For some stability and long lasting characteristics might be important. And surely there are others who would love the loving soft feeling of the foam mattress. Hopefully, you know by now which kind of person you are.

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