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How to Choose the Best Crib Mattress?

Congrats on your newborn baby. It is the most precious thing in life. And obviously, for it, you will want the best things. Like a nice crib which is one of the biggest items, you will buy when shopping for your baby. But do not focus solely on the chassis while you shop. The crib mattress is often the most overlooked part of buying a crib. But the mattress is just as important as the rest of the crib. As your baby spends a lot of time on this mattress for the first few years of their lives, so make sure you have the best crib mattress.

Why a crib mattress for your baby is important?

We should realize that the baby will sleep in a crib until about 3 years old. Therefore, we have to choose the best crib mattress that guarantees us of all our baby’s needs. It should cover their needs from being a baby to being a child. If they don’t get proper rest, then the mental and physical growth can be obstructed. That is why it is vital to get the right kind of bed for the baby. And that should neither be very hard mattresses nor very soft. So what is the right sort? That is what you are going to find here.

How to find the best crib mattress

It becomes imperative to have the crib mattress for the most important person in your life. And you need to know how to find the best possible one. Here are some aspects that you should look out for while your search for the best crib mattress for your baby.

  • Density:

    The density of the mattress is decisive. Choosing a mattress with a correct density is quite significant. If you get one with too much firmness, it could impair the comfort of the tiny one. And if it is the other way around like too soft, the mattress would no longer play its supporting role. Therefore, you want the mattress to be firm and durable but also be soft. Because most of the time the baby will spend on it asleep. So it is crucial to choose a base that evenly distributes the baby’s weight. This reduces the risk of deformity in the development of their spine or even complications on their fragile head.
  • Materials:

    Both the protector and the rest of the mattress must not cause any sort of allergic reaction. You want to make sure that the mattresses the babies don’t get skin irritations or respiratory problems due to the bed. Besides that, it is suggested to use a protective cover for the babies crib mattress. And make sure the protective cover is removable, washable and 100% cotton. Also, make certain you get a breathable crib mattress.
  • Temperature:

    A crib mattress that uses breathable materials help regulates the temperature. A mattress with a good ventilating system. The baby may have a sudden fever or any other sort of medical problems if the bed gets too hot for its liking.
  • Size:

    It is important to select a mattress on which the baby can sleep and move safely. This means, first of all, a mattress appropriate to the bed size and not a mattress too small. This way you can prevent the baby from slipping or getting caught in the gap between the bed and the bed structure.

Types of crib mattresses

There are many types of mattress around the market. Here are some of the most common ones that you might get to see in the stores nearby.

  • Foam mattress

    This category includes conventional foam mattresses. They have the advantage of being flexible and elastic, thus offering support and comfort to baby. On the other hand, they evacuate moisture less well.

    The core of polyether foam mattresses may contain a natural material such as coconut. This material provides better ventilation of the core.
  • Cold foam mattress

    Cold foam is a kind of polyurethane foam, with an open cell structure. These mattresses offer good ventilation and quickly soak away moisture. They are renowned for their great elasticity and comfort.

    These type of mattress has a different type which is known as memory foam. This mattress also eliminates excess heat and moisture. A memory foam mattress softens with heat. The body heat of your baby models the mattress according to its body. The weight is thus distributed on the mattress without any pressure point. This type of mattress helps prevent the flattening of the baby’s head.
  • Polyester fiber mattress

    As the name implies, these mattresses consist of several layers of polyester. Their ventilated composition ensures excellent control of heat and humidity. In addition, their core is recyclable.
  • Pocket spring mattress

    If you open a pocket spring mattress, you will see a multitude of springs packed separately. Thanks to them, the mattress adapts to the shape of the body. The springs are flexible enough to fit the baby’s weight while offering enough strength. Your child will always be comfortable on this type of crib mattress while he is growing and gaining weight. The coating of a pocket coil mattress is also very stable. Finally, the pocket springs also provide optimum ventilation and good humidity control.
  • Latex mattress

    The latex is made of foam rubber. It is, therefore, a flexible and elastic material, which allows the mattress to adapt perfectly to your baby’s body to provide ideal support. The open cell structure and ventilation ducts ensure optimal air circulation.

    Besides them, there is some unconventional type of crib mattress too out there like gel mattress which uses a breathable material and does not get altered with changes in temperature. Also, some might use the sofa cushions which is more of a crib mattress pad, to be honest with.

    But for a baby, it is better to go with the foam mattress. As they meet the criteria of not being too hard and soft. But logically, the best crib mattress will be the one that covers all the rest and safety needs of your baby.

A Few Final Words

Among all the basics baby needs, the crib mattress may be one of the most important things. As a suitable mattress can ensure the baby’s safety and promote a good rest. And sleep for a baby is important for their development. So take your time and make the right choice which you will do for sure.

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