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  • 10 Baby Sleep Training Strategies

    Being a parent to an infant can be a rewarding and taxing experience all at the same time. When you have a child that has difficulty falling asleep (and staying asleep), your life can become unnecessarily stressful. Instead of pulling your hair out, look at this carefully comprised baby sleep training strategies that are sure to help everyone in the house get a better night’s sleep.

    Cry It Out Baby Sleep Conditioning Options

    • 1. The Ever-Moving Chair

      Start by placing your baby into the crib and a comfortable chair beside the crib. Know going in that they are likely going to start crying. You are not going to acknowledge their tears, or even the baby at all. You are there to remind them that they aren’t alone, and nothing else. Eventually (and this could take a while), they will fall asleep. The next night, move the chair farther from the crib. Continue this process until your chair is out of the room entirely.

    • 2. Ferberizing (Consolation Approach)

      Don’t have the ability to sit in the front row for your child to scream for hours on end? Try this consolation approach. The first night you will come in at 10 minute intervals (while they are crying for you) to gently console them for a few minutes without picking them up. Rub their back and speak softly. Then after two minutes, leave again. Every few nights, lengthen the wait time by five minutes.

    • 3. Bearing It

      There is a reason that so many mothers and fathers suggest letting a child just “cry it out”. This is one of the most effective baby sleep training techniques. It teaches them to fall asleep entirely on their own, and they are more likely to carry this ability throughout their entire childhood. It doesn’t make you a bad parent to let them cry it out, it is a good thing for them to do.

    Sleep Training For Babies With Fewer Tears

    • 1. Ups and Downs

      If you are looking for a less emotionally painful solution for you, perhaps the method of physical consolation will be more up your alley. With this baby sleep training approach, you are coming in when the baby begins to cry. You will pick up the baby and console them until they are calm again and then immediately putting them back into the crib. Initially this will take many trips a night to complete, but as they become accustomed to the pattern, the need for your involvement will be more infrequent.

    • 2. Soothe Them With Music

      Many parents have seen a lot of successes with the same lullaby music played every night throughout the nighttime routine and throughout the night in their room. This connection between the songs and their sleep will aid their developing brain to understand that because this music in particular is playing, that it is still time to be asleep.

    • 3. The Disappearing Task

      This approach is one of the more hands on and demanding of them all. This requires you to play an active role in helping your baby go to sleep every night. From night to night, you are doing less of the activity that helped them fall asleep. This has to be done very gradually, and will likely need to be coupled with another sleep strategy to be completely successful.

    Tips For Successful Baby Sleep Training

    • 1. Start With Calmness

      Babies have a harder time calming down for sleep if they aren’t in a tired mindset. Ensure that before your child completes their nighttime routine for bedtime that they are in fact, visibly ready for sleep.

    • 2. Bundles of Joy

      Little babies especially are accustomed to a snug environment. This helps them to calm themselves and feel safe and secure. Bundle up your baby for them to be more comfortable on their own crib mattress.

    • 3. Avoiding Over-stimulation

      It isn’t difficult to overstimulate an infant. Too much activity all at once and too much craziness in the house can lead to a situation in which the baby has a hard time recognizing bedtime as a time for sleeping.

    • 4. Don’t Wake The Baby

      Have you ever heard the adage “never wake a sleeping baby”? There are obviously very direct reasons for this, but the biggest point is that it is difficult for them to self soothe themselves back to sleep, and so your involvement is required. Provide a calming environment by keeping the excessive loud noise down and let your baby stay asleep.

    A Few Final Words

    These are the best methods of baby sleep training. These can help you to free up some of your own time in putting your infant to sleep every night, but also to help them to have an easier time falling asleep (and staying asleep) at bedtime. While many of these strategies require you to have a good deal of patience and resolve, encouraging your child to have a more active role in their sleep is important for their development and your stress levels.

  • 10 Things You Need To Know About Your Newborn

    Congrats on your new baby!

    Hope, you’re enjoying all the moments and all of the time you have together with your new baby.

    Obviously, you’ll enjoy smelling him, holding him, kissing him and loving the time together. It’s really a unique experience of your life.

    But, at the same time are you stress over every single thing- from changing the diaper to the baby’s crying more than usual?

    However, the arrival of your new baby may have a few surprises for you. Here are 10 things you need to know about your newborn.

    10 Things To Know About Newborn Babies

    1 Newborn Looks A Bit Funny

    No doubt, you’ve been waiting and dreaming about your baby for months: what she’ll look like, whether she’ll be laid-back her dad or like you. But your newborn’s looks may come as a surprise. It seems that every baby will be born looking like a beet-root. She’ll be quite red with a fine covering of hair over her body. Her face may look a little squashed if you had the vaginal birth. She could also have puffy-eyes, smashed ears and flaky skin for the first week or so. But pretty soon, she'll resemble that beautiful baby you imagined.

    2 Newborn Babies Sleep a Lot

    This fact will definitely surprise you. A newborn's primary activity is sleeping. She doesn’t know the difference between day and night. Your little one will be sleeping 16-18 or more hours a day (2-3 hour stretches about 5-10 times a day). And the rest of the time she is just going to want to eat. You don’t need to wake her up to feed, or be introduces to grandparents when she likes to be sleeping. It’s also convenient for you to sleep when your baby sleeps, seriously!

    3 Newborn Needs To Eat Every Two to Three Hours

    The tiny stomach fills quickly and also empty rapidly. It’s hard to understand how much milk she’s getting. Newborn’s weight is a good indicator of this in the first week. A newborn loses 5% to 8% of her birth weight within the first 7 days after birth. But she will gain it back by the second week. If you feed your baby enough and she is happy and sleeps, don’t worry about getting her up to her birth weight.

    4 Dry Skin and Baby Acne Is Normal for a Newborn

    Newborn’s skin is soft and silky. But, around the second or third day of her birth, you’ll notice her dry and flaky skin. It’s normal and it just adjusts to life outside the womb. You may also notice baby acne. But it won’t last forever. Never try to pick it. This will rectify within few months. Try a sensitive skin baby lotion to help with dryness, otherwise leave the acne alone.

    5 Newborns can Tolerate Noise

    You don’t need to tiptoe the room when your newborn is sleeping. Naturally, she is able to block out light and sounds. In fact, her time in the womb was very noisy with whooshing, gurgling and the beating of her mom’s heart. Surprisingly, bright lights or loud noises don’t wake your sleeping baby.

    6 Newborn Won’t Smile Right Away

    Newborns usually smile only when they are sleeping for the first few weeks. So, don’t expect coos or smiles until about the six weeks. And also there’s nothing to feel like you got a gloomy baby from the hospital. Her sweet smiles will show up soon.

    7 Newborn May Have Mild Jaundice

    Around half of the all-full-term babies are born with mild jaundice. So, don’t be too concerned if you observe some little orange hue on her skin. Most of the newborn cures with eating, pooping, and with a little sunshine. Even a little tanning bed lamp helps to cure jaundice. So, nothing to be scared about.

    8 Newborn Likes To Be Swaddled

    Newborn loves to be swaddled. They’re used to feeling cocooned and in this way, they feel comfortable and secured. Swaddling takes your baby back to the comfort zone of the womb. Swaddling them helps to make sure that their arms or legs don’t wake them up when they jump while sleeping. So, newborn sleeps more soundly when he (or she) is swaddled.

    9 Newborn Breathes Differently

    Newborn’s breathing is different and they take more breaths than adults. Newborn’s breathe is much faster than a child’s or adults. The newborn’s breathing rate is around 40 times per minute, whereas an adult breathes between 12 and 20.

    10 Newborns Can Recognize Mom’s Voice

    Newborns can recognize their mom’s voice from birth. Pretty impressive. Isn’t it? When a baby is born, his/ her hearing isn’t 10% up to par. His (or her) middle ear is still full of fluid that tends to impair the hearing. The only sound he (or she) can recognize is his (or her) mom’s voice. This is another way that nature ensures a special bond between you.

    A Few Final Word

    Being a parent is mostly about being full of unimaginable delight. No matter how many children you have, the first few weeks of your being a mother are like nothing you’ll ever experience again.

    It’s true that time will go quickly and in the blink of an eye your newborn will become a baby, then a crawler, then a toddler and then a tiny talking person.

    This stage will be over before you know it and your newborn will never again resemble anything like the sweet-smelling. In fact, it’s so special and so short-lived that you will miss it dearly when it’s gone.

    We Hope, our article 10 things you need to know about your newborn have helped you much to catch these delightful moments.

    Try to enjoy this incredible time in your baby’s life!

  • Best Crib Mattress Buying Guide

    Babies always need intensive care and an environment of protection as long as their health and comforts are concerned. Especially, to be mentioned, babies under an age of five years spend more than half of their times in some sort of sleeping environment.

    So a healthy and comfortable baby crib mattress not only provides smooth comforts to the baby but also helps to promote the growth and keep away diseases like diarrhea. Also, as a factor of safety, choosing the right crib mattress is important for your baby.

    Top 12 Best Crib Mattress 2023

    Product Name Types Dimension Weight Score
    Dream On Me Crib Mattress Read Review Dream On Me Crib Mattress Fabric 51 x 27 x 6 inches 11.6 pounds 84%
    Safety 1St Heavenly Dreams Crib Mattress Read Review Safety 1st Heavenly Dreams Crib Mattress BPA Free 5 x 27.5 x 5.5 inches 7.8 pounds 94%
    Sealy Soybean Foam-Core Crib Mattress Read Review Sealy Soybean Foam-Core Crib Mattress Fabric 51.6 x 27.2 x 5 inches 8.3 pounds 90%
    Sealy Baby Firm Rest Read Review Sealy baby Firm Rest Foam (Innerspring Design) 51.6 x 27.2 x 5.8 inches 13 pounds 88%
    Newton Crib Mattress Read Review Newton Crib Mattress Breathable 28 x 5.5 x 52 inches 11 pounds 98%
    Naturepedic No Compromise Organic Crib Mattress Read Review Naturepedic No Compromise Organic Crib Mattress Organic 6 x 27.8 x 52 inches 20 pounds 86%
    Colgate-Eco Classica Iii Read Review Colgate-Eco Classica III Foam (Innerspring Design) 51.7 x 27.5 x 6 inches 9.4 pounds 88%
    Moonlight Slumber Read Review Moonlight Slumber Foam 27.5 x 5 x 52 inches 10.3 pounds 94%
    Simmons-Beautyrest Beginnings Read Review Simmons-Beautyrest Beginnings Fabric 51.6 x 5 x 27.2 inches 11.9 pounds 82%
    Mittagong 3D Breathable Washable Baby Rest Crib Mattress Read Review Mittagong 3D Breathable Washable Baby Rest Crib Mattress Breathable Crib Mattress 51.6 x 27.2 x 2 inches 6.6 pounds 80%
    Kolcraft Cozy Soft Portable Crib Mattress Read Review Kolcraft Cozy Soft Portable Crib Mattress Foam 38 x 24 x 2.5 inches 2.1 pounds 82%
    My First Mattress Memory Foam Read Review My First Mattress Memory Foam Memory Foam 51.6 x 5 x 27.2 inches 11.9 pounds 86%

    Below are the best baby Crib Mattress on the market, based on online reviews, Product quality, safety options, durability and flexibility, price-quality ratio and user feedbacks.

    #1 Dream On Me Spring Crib Mattress, Twilight

    Editor Rating:


    • Product Name: Dream On Me.
    • Weight: 11.7 pounds.
    • Shipping Weight: 11.6 pounds.
    • Dimension: 51 x 27 x 6 inches.
    • Material Type: Fabric.
    • Shipping: Shipped within the USA only.
    • Warranty: Warranty provided on request to customer service.

    Who doesn’t want her baby to get a good night’s rest?

    But it’s true that without a standard crib mattress it’s almost impossible. In fact, most new parents feel nervousness to find out the safest mattress for their baby.

    If this sounds like you, don't worry.

    When most of the parents feel exhausted to find the right mattress for their baby, Dream on me brings a good option for them.

    Dream on me, Twilight is the mattress that ensures not only a pleasant and comfortable sleep but also a healthy indoor environment for your baby.

    Sounds Good. Isn’t It?
    So, this mattress provides a healthy night’s sleep. But what about the matter when the little angel passes his/ her daytime on the mattress.

    Oh, Relax!
    The artistry and high-quality materials used in this mattress support his/ her growing bones and also provide a firm surface on which your baby will curl-up in supreme comfort.

    Regarding comfortability, usability, safety, durability and price, Dream On Me mattress is one of the best options for you.

    So, if you’re looking for an excellent crib mattress for your baby that is hypoallergenic, passes all flammability and toxicity test, and fit all standard size crib, look no further. This mattress is only for you.

    Dream On Me Crib Mattress



    Features and Feature Benefits

    Have a look at how this can be compatible with your need. The vital features and related benefits of this product are listed below-

    • Comfort and Lightweight: The mattress is constructed with quality material and this lightweight mattress comes with 80 durable steel coins that provide supreme comfort.
    • Protective Polyurethane Foam: The product comes up with a polyurethane foam around that wraps on all of the sides and provides a plush sleeping surface to the baby.
    • Protection against Liquid leakage: A triple laminated and phthalate-free waterproof cover is added to provide maximum protection from liquid leakage and damp sleeping surface.


    • Perfectly matching for toddler’s bed of babies under 5 years.
    • Very sturdy and comfortable with baby skin.
    • Least noise with a mattress cover.


    • Too soft for an infant.
    • Some samples have issues with sewing strength.

    This crib mattress comes up to be one of the most recommended product for new parents who used it for their own babies. So, we have to keep it on the very 1st position. Finally, we strongly recommend this crib mattress for children under 5 years.

    Check Price on Amazon

    #2 Safety 1st Heavenly Dreams Crib & Toddler Bed Mattress

    Editor Rating:


    • Product Name: Safety 1st Heavenly Dreams.
    • Weight: 7.8 pounds.
    • Shipping Weight: 7.8 pounds.
    • Dimension: 51 x 27 x 6 inches.
    • Material Type: Fabric.
    • Shipping: Shipped within the USA only.
    • Warranty: Warranty provided on request to customer service.

    As a parent, your biggest concern when choosing a mattress for your baby is safety and comfort. Right?

    Who doesn’t want that his/ her precious baby will sleep in the safest sleeping environment?
    Safety 1st, one of the leading manufacturers of safety baby product, realizes your concern and brings Green Guard Gold Certified Safety 1st Heavenly Dreams Crib & Toddler mattress for your baby & toddler.

    Every mattress manufacturer claims that their mattresses are safe for baby. So, what’s the difference regarding Safety 1st Heavenly Dreams crib mattress?

    Well, Safety 1st is a market leader in manufacturing “childproofing” products. Safety 1st has promised to keep children away from chemicals and harmful emissions and attributes its continued success to an unwavering commitment to innovation, value and safety.
    This mattress is no exception, and it’s what parents want for their baby. This mattress is GreenGuard Certified that meant it meets the standards for low emission. So, you can feel relaxed knowing that your little angel is sleeping on a comfortable and safe surface.

    And what’s more?

    Waterproof vinyl cover, lightweight and durable design for long-lasting use.

    Safety 1St Heavenly Dreams Crib Mattress



    Features and Feature Benefits

    Have a look at how this can be compatible with your need. The vital features and related benefits of this product are listed below-

    • Thermo-Bonded Core Inside: The mattress provides a high-density thermo-bonded core support to provide firm comforts to all part of the body.
    • Durable and Light in Weight: The product comes up with a polyurethane foam around that wraps on all of the sides and provides a plush sleeping surface to the baby.
    • Protection against Liquid leakage: A triple laminated and phthalate-free waterproof cover is added to provide maximum protection from liquid leakage and damp sleeping surface.


    • Provides safety from viral bugs and infections.
    • Highly durable.
    • Comfortable for infants.
    • Nice and firm foam thickness.


    • Have some chemical smells with in the foam.
    • Nice and firm foam thickness.

    This mattress works great for infants and babies under 3 years. Also, users have recommended this model a lot considering the durability and safety precautions inside. We highly recommend it for your baby.

    Check Price on Amazon

    #3 Sealy Soybean Infant & Toddler Foam-Core Crib Mattress

    Editor Rating:


    • Product Name: Sealy Soybean Foam-Core.
    • Weight: 8.3 pounds..
    • Shipping Weight: 7.8 pounds.
    • Dimension: 51 x 27 x 6 inches.
    • Material Type: Fabric.
    • Shipping: Shipped within the USA only.
    • Warranty: Warranty provided on request to customer service.

    Looking for a crib mattress that provides exceptional firmness and durability?

    Then, look no further. Sealy Soybean air quality certified, foam-core crib mattress is one that you’re looking for your baby and toddler.

    This Parent-tested and approved mattress is an excellent core crib mattress that’s specially made for baby comfort.The Green Guard Gold certification of this mattress ensures a healthier air quality and indoor sleeping environment.

    Don’t be surprised to know that this is an award-winning baby mattress which comes with a lot of outstanding features that makes it one of the best choices of parents for their baby and toddler. The parents will undoubtedly love it for its better quality materials, long-lasting performances along with a lifetime warranty and support.

    And What’s More?

    According to the vote of women’s choice award, thousands of American parents recommend this mattress for more neutral comfort and safety.

    Sealy Soybean Foam-Core Crib Mattress



    Features and Feature Benefits

    Have a look at how this can be compatible with your need. The vital features and related benefits of this product are listed below-

    • Safe and Tested Quality: The mattress provides a high-density thermo-bonded core support to provide firm comforts to all part of the body.
    • Firmness and Comfort of the Baby: Infants and babies under 3 years need flat and smooth crib mattress surface with firm softness. That’s what this model comes with.
    • Cleanliness and Waterproof Technology: One of the unique features is- it is highly waterproof and easy-to-clean. So it takes the least effort to wash and clean.


    • Lightweight foam made of soybean oils provided from farmers of America.
    • Strain resistant cover.
    • Waterproof technology.
    • GreenGuard certified low emission provider.
    • Square cut corners.


    • Have some chemical smells within the foam.
    • Stitches can be weaker if used in a damp environment.

    Though the company claims it to be chemically okay, but still it has some issues with the chemical smell. Apart from these, this is something I would personally recommend to any user and I promise, your money won’t go in vain.

    Check Price on Amazon

    #4 Sealy Baby Firm Rest Infant & Toddler Crib Mattress

    Editor Rating:


    • Product Name: Sealy Baby Firm Rest.
    • Weight: 13 pounds.
    • Shipping Weight: 17.8 pounds.
    • Dimension: 51.6 x 27.2 x 5.8 inches.
    • Material Type: Foam (Innerspring Design).
    • Shipping: Shipped within the USA only.
    • Warranty: Warranty provided on request to customer service.

    Sealy Baby Firm Rest is one of the most commonly purchased crib mattresses when it comes to comfort, safety, added durability and price.

    This mattress comes with every feature that your precious baby needs for his/ her safe and comfortable sleeping environment.

    Sounds Great. Isn’t It?

    Apparently, parents will be happy knowing that they get one of the top-rated crib mattresses at a very reasonable price. With the technology applied and the excellent features that come with this mattress, it’s the best solution for parents who want to ensure the overall sound of their child health.

    Excellent resistance to wear and tear and the most convenient size of this mattress gives it a competitive advantage over the other crib mattresses available in the market today. Furthermore, the 20-year warranty on materials and the quality of this mattress is undoubtedly a relief to the customer.

    Sealy Baby Firm Rest



    Features and Feature Benefits

    Have a look at how this can be compatible with your need. The vital features and related benefits of this product are listed below-

    • Lock-stitched Bindings and Waterproof Bed: The mattress ensures a safer and more hygienic sleep of the baby with waterproof and Staff-guard coated bed. Also, a lock-stitched binding provides more safety to the child while sleeping.
    • Airflow Pocket for Air Circulation: Additionally, it has an airflow pocket to ensure maximum air circulation at the side of the mattress.
    • Quality and Safety Standards: As it’s the most important thing parents care about, it provides a maximum protection to the child and meets every criterion of safety and quality standards.


    • Hospital grade waterproof design for the cover.
    • GreenGuard approved air quality and less chemical emission.
    • Voted as America’s top crib mattress brand for baby.


    • Mattress starts sagging after use of a couple of months.
    • Comes to be defective a few times.

    Some of the users have issues with durability of the mattress. So we won’t recommend this product if you are going to use it for pets. But considering all of the other aspects, it’s a much-recommended crib mattress for babies and infants.

    Check Price on Amazon

    #5 Newton Wovenaire Crib Mattress

    Editor Rating:


    • Product Name: Newton Crib Mattress.
    • Weight: 11 pounds.
    • Shipping Weight: 11 pounds.
    • Dimension: 28 x 5.5 x 52 inches.
    • Material Type: Breathable.
    • Shipping: Shipped within the USA only.
    • Warranty: Warranty provided on request to customer service.

    Looking for a 100% breathable and washable crib mattress?

    Then, a big thanks to Newton mattress brand for providing you with the fantastic Newton Wovenaire Crib Mattress. Newton Crib Mattress is not only the cleanest and most comfortable but also the safest sleeping surface for your baby.

    Newton Crib Mattress



    Newton designs each inch of this mattress with your precious baby’s comfort, health and safety in mind. The innovative breathe-thru design allows air to flow freely. Thus, this feature along with the Wovenaire material makes it 100% breathable.

    You don’t need to be worried about the safety of your baby while he/ she is sleeping on it.You can sleep peacefully knowing that your little one can breathe face down. The mattress contains no harmful elements like other ordinary crib mattresses.

    It’s also hypoallergenic with no toxic off-gassing.

    No doubt, every mom will feel good!

    And what’s more?

    The mattress is 100% recyclable.

    Features and Feature Benefits

    Have a look at how this can be compatible with your need. The vital features and related benefits of this product are listed below-

    • Breathable Crib Mattress Design: It’s completely designed for breathing of the baby and infants through the mattress.
    • 100% Washable: The product contains no foam and ensures 100% of washability and hygiene. Also, it’s free of latex, glue, springs, allergies etc.
    • Much recommended: The Newton Crib Mattress is a much recommended and medically referred baby crib mattress. It is the winner of several awards and recommended by many pediatricians.


    • Hospital grade waterproof design for the cover.
    • Ensure free air flow and optimal breathable crib mattress.
    • Embedded with no harmful chemical (10% food grade polymer).


    • Some difficulties are claimed with the color durability of the cover.
    • Babies with problems with respiration may find it uncomfortable.

    Recalling Newton Crib mattress as the best product available in the market won’t be a perfect decision. But if your baby doesn't have sensations with breathable crib mattress this is definitely one product we will suggest.

    Check Price on Amazon

    #6 Naturepedic No Compromise Organic Crib Mattress

    Editor Rating:


    • Product Name: Naturepedic No Compromise Organic Crib Mattress.
    • Weight: 20 pounds.
    • Shipping Weight: 20.3 pounds.
    • Dimension: 6 x 27.8 x 52 inches.
    • Material Type: Organic.
    • Shipping: Shipped within the USA only.
    • Warranty: Warranty provided on request to customer service.

    Have you done a ton of researches finding a mattress with organic and all-natural filling with firm support?

    Naturepedic No Compromise Organic Crib Mattress



    If so, end your search here.

    It’s time to give thanks to the Naturepedic mattress brand for their No Compromise Organic Crib Mattress.

    Because Naturepedic Organic No Compromise Crib Mattress is the safe and well-made mattress that you’re searching. Regarding the perfect combination of comfortable and healthy sleeping environment, this mattress is second to none.

    The mattress features not only the organic cotton construction, but also a fire protection system along with the waterproof edges and seams. It’ll bring the peace of mind in parents knowing that their baby is utterly safe from chemical exposure in the crib.

    As the name suggests, the mattress never compromises with the safe, healthy, and comfortable sleep of your precious little one. Believe it or not, more restful and the safest sleep on No Compromise Crib Mattress is just around the corner for your baby.

    Features and Feature Benefits

    Have a look at how this can be compatible with your need. The vital features and related benefits of this product are listed below-

    • Comfortable Material: This product is claimed to make of one of the materials among all of the similar models available in the market. The 100% organic cotton will ensure maximum comfort for your baby.
    • 2-stage Dual Crib Mattress: The product comes up with a dual stage setup that will be helpful for both infants and toddlers.
    • Combination of Fine Materials: The entire product is made in U.S.A. and it’s made of both imported fabric and domestic components.


    • Healthy and comfortable sleep with 100% cotton mattress surface.
    • Protection against harmful chemical emission.
    • The product is the winner of numerous awards and endorsements.


    • Doesn't fit with child craft often.
    • Sags in the middle due to overuse.

    Though the model has received some issues with sagging, it’s still considered as one of the common problems of all of the available models. But it still became able to overcome some other common issues like allergy, chemical emission etc. So, from our side, we must recommend it for your baby.

    Check Price on Amazon

    #7 Colgate Eco Classica III Eco-Friendlier Dual Firmness Crib Mattress

    Editor Rating:


    • Product Name: Colgate-Eco Classica III.
    • Weight: 9.4 pounds.
    • Shipping Weight: 13.5 pounds.
    • Dimension: 51.7 x 27.5 x 6 inches.
    • Material Type: Foam (Innerspring Design).
    • Shipping: Shipped within the USA only.
    • Warranty: Warranty provided on request to customer service.

    Hope, you’ll agree with me, when I say
    “A crib mattress is more than a baby’s sleeping surface.”

    Colgate-Eco Classica Iii



    Undoubtedly, a perfect crib mattress is a development and growth center for your baby. So, it’s essential to choose the right mattress for your growing baby. Keeping this in mind, Colgate has brought the Eco Classica III crib mattress to provide your baby with the very best that money can buy.

    So, what about the safety features?

    Well, this mattress not only meets but also exceed all the Government’s safety standards. It’s one of the most eco-friendly crib mattresses around.

    Also, the excellent craftsmanship, as well as exacting manufacturing standards, makes this one of the world’s best crib mattress.

    Not only that, you’ll get this best mattress at a very standard price which is less than many of its competitors.

    Features and Feature Benefits

    Have a look at how this can be compatible with your need. The vital features and related benefits of this product are listed below-

    • Eco-Friendly Structure: The Colgate-eco crib mattress comes up with a 100% eco-friendly material and structure.
    • Support for both Infant and Toddlers: It provides a multipurpose service such as- a firmer and supportive side for infants and a more comfortable and less firm side for toddlers.
    • Inverted Seams: Inverted seams, which is built in the mattress provides a sleek appearance.
    • Made by Specialists: It is made of the Brand named Colgate, an expert in the field of crib mattresses.


    • It fits along with all of the standard sizes of cribs.
    • Protection against harmful chemical emission.
    • Waterproof, PVC-free and eco-friendly.
    • GreenGuard certified.


    • Foam is not made of 100% urethane as claimed.
    • Cover felt seems to be hot while sleeping.

    As long as it comes up with an eco-friendly material, it will be a real wise decision to purchase the mattress as long as environment-consciousness is concerned. Though complained about some issues with the sleeping surface, still it’s recommended to have it for your baby.

    Check Price on Amazon

    #8 Moonlight Slumber Dual Sleep Surface Little Dreamer Crib Mattress

    Editor Rating:


    • Product Name: Moonlight Slumber.
    • Weight: 10.3 pounds.
    • Shipping Weight: 10.3 pounds.
    • Dimension: 27.5 x 5 x 52 inches.
    • Material Type: Foam.
    • Shipping: Shipped within the USA only.
    • Warranty: Warranty provided on request to customer service.

    If you’re looking for the best mattress that will provide the perfect blend of comfort and support for your little one, Moonlight Slumber Dual Sleep Surface Little Dreamer Crib Mattress can be the best option for you.

    Moonlight Slumber



    Moonlight Slumber is a special and unique mattress available on the market today.

    So, are you curious as to what makes this mattress unique and so popular?

    Well, regarding versatility, functionality, performance, safety and ease of use, this mattress is second to none.

    So, who won't love this mattress for their baby?

    This eco-friendly mattress features dual side- the plant-based infant side and nice plush toddler side. That means this mattress is going to support your baby throughout their infant and toddler years.

    You will feel much relaxed knowing that your baby is sleeping on a mattress made from baby safe, natural materials.

    And the price?

    Undoubtedly you’ll get what you pay for.

    Features and Feature Benefits

    Have a look at how this can be compatible with your need. The vital features and related benefits of this product are listed below-

    • Materials and Benefits: The crib mattress is made of Nylon cover which is completely vinyl, PVC, polyethylene, and toxic free and environment-friendly material.
    • Dual Comfort for Infants and Toddlers: The model comes up with extra firm and balanced density which provides both bedding for infants and toddlers.
    • Cleanings and Protection: Can be easily cleaned with a damped sponge and it provides complete antimicrobial protection to the baby.


    • Square and corner edge. Also, dropped edge seams.
    • Elegant appearance.
    • Designed with advanced health-care features.


    • Users have some issues with the firmness of the mattress.
    • Little limbs get caught in the gaps of the mattress.[

    This particular product from our crib mattress reviews is particularly recommended for babies of an age of more than 2 years. Apart from that, it is one of the recommended product for babies above 18m months and you should definitely give it a try.

    Check Price on Amazon

    #9 Simmons Kids Beautyrest Beginnings Ultra Deluxe Sleepy Whispers Crib and Toddler Mattress

    Editor Rating:


    • Product Name: Simmons-Beautyrest Beginnings.
    • Weight: 11.9 pounds.
    • Shipping Weight: 12.2 pounds.
    • Dimension: 51.6 x 5 x 27.2 inches.
    • Material Type: Fabric.
    • Shipping: Shipped within the USA only.
    • Warranty: Warranty provided on request to customer service.

    If you’re on a tight budget, still looking for a supreme quality crib mattress, you can consider Simmons Kids Beautyrest Beginnings Ultra Deluxe Sleepy Whispers 2 in 1 mattress.

    Simmons-Beautyrest Beginnings



    Parents who want to ensure restful sleep to their baby from birth through babyhood, usually love this versatile mattress that has a touch of luxury. This mattress will provide the luxurious sleep to your baby and the protection for your sleeping baby.
    It’s good to know that this mattress features the reinforced border edge protection that is a unique feature provided by Simmons. Best of all, this super quality crib mattress not only meets but also exceeds the federal flammability safety guidelines.

    Ensure a peaceful, luxurious sleep for your baby and enjoy a restful night’s sleep with the impeccable construction and lasting quality of the Ultra Deluxe 2 in 1 Crib and Toddler Mattress.

    If you don’t like memory foam mattress for your baby, this coil spring mattress can be a great alternative.

    Features and Feature Benefits

    Have a look at how this can be compatible with your need. The vital features and related benefits of this product are listed below-

    • Durable and Long lasting: It is one of the models that are renowned for durability. Babies those are a horrible sleeper, will find it a perfect one.
    • Vacuum Seal Feature: The product is kept under vacuum seal till it’s delivered to the user.
    • Bounce and Firm Thickness: Babies find it so comfortable because of the bouncy foam and smooth surface finished.


    • Comfortable for infants because of extra firm foam.
    • Mite-proof and Hypoallergenic design.
    • Meets CPSC and exceeds federal flammability.


    • Some models don’t provide standard service as claimed.
    • Memory foam is not embedded in the product.

    Feedback from some of the customers has shown that it has some issues with the material strength and durability. Still going for the product won’t be a bad decision for which you have to regret.

    Check Price on Amazon

    #10 Mittagong 3D Washable Breathable Baby Rest Crib Mattress

    Editor Rating:


    • Product Name: Mittagong 3D Breathable Washable Baby Rest Crib Mattress.
    • Weight: 6.6 pounds.
    • Shipping Weight: 12 pounds.
    • Dimension: 51.6 x 27.2 x 2 inches.
    • Material Type: Breathable Crib Mattress.
    • Shipping: Shipped within the USA only.
    • Warranty: Warranty provided on request to customer service.

    As a caring parent, you must know how important a crib mattress needs to be breathable for your baby.

    No worry. Here's a second choice for you to consider.

    Mittagong 3D Breathable Washable Baby Rest Crib Mattress



    The Mittagong 3D mattress comes with many advanced healthcare features that offer a wide variety of benefits.

    Its six surfaces, breathable hollow 3D structures Support Human Development, promote blood circulation and support the human cardiovascular system. The ventilating hexahedron structure that lets water go through it and remove all of the dirt and bacteria.
    On the other hand, its breathable support structure allows sufficient airflow. That means parents get some much-needed rest knowing that their baby is sleeping in a safer environment. This mattress allows airflow through the breathable support structure.
    Don’t be surprised to know that the Mittagong 3D is a washable mattress. If your baby spits up frequently, this washable mattress would be fantastic for all of those accidents making it easy to clean and maintain.

    No doubt, you’ll be impressed with this washable, fold-able and portable crib mattress.

    Features and Feature Benefits

    Have a look at how this can be compatible with your need. The vital features and related benefits of this product are listed below-

    • Dual Comfort for Infants and Toddlers: The model comes up with extra firm and balanced density which provides both bedding for infants and toddlers.
    • Protection against Liquid leakage: A triple laminated and phthalate-free waterproof cover is added to provide maximum protection from liquid leakage and damp sleeping surface.


    • Protection against harmful chemical emission.
    • Designed with advanced healthcare features.
    • Highly durable.


    • Users have some issues with the firmness of the mattress.
    • Not a durable model of the crib mattress.

    We think it has some of the most luxurious features. But considering the price-quality ratio, this can be a good choice for you.

    Check Price on Amazon

    #11 Kolcraft Cozy Soft Portable Crib Mattress

    Editor Rating:


    • Product Name: Kolcraft Cozy Soft Portable Crib Mattress.
    • Weight: 2.1 pounds.
    • Shipping Weight: 2.2 pounds.
    • Dimension: 38 x 24 x 2.5 inches.
    • Material Type: Foam.
    • Shipping: Shipped within the USA only.
    • Warranty: Warranty provided on request to customer service.

    Are you looking for a crib mattress that will provide your baby all the freshness he/ she need for a comfortable and healthy sleep?
    Kolcraft Cozy Soft Portable Crib Mattress does exactly that.

    Your baby needs the right mattress that will prevent him/ her suffering from allergic reactions. Keeping this in mind Kolcraft adds a hypoallergenic cover to this mattress from which your baby will get all the coziness he/ she needs to wake up energized.

    Kolcraft Cozy Soft Portable Crib Mattress



    You should also know that a mattress having extra attachment may pose a danger to your little one. However, the surface of this mattress is flat and free from long straps or buckles. That means you’ll feel relief when you’re not close knowing that your baby is safe from this danger.

    And what else?

    If you’re the kind of parents who tend to travel frequently, Kolcraft Cozy Soft Portable Crib Mattress can meet your needs, too. Kolcraft comes with a portable design that makes it quite easy for you to carry it around when you are traveling with your baby.

    Features and Feature Benefits

    Have a look at how this can be compatible with your need. The vital features and related benefits of this product are listed below-

    • Lightweight and Easy to Use: As the weight of the crib mattress is only 2.1 pounds, it is a lightweight product and easy to move from places to places.
    • Quality and Safety Standards: As it’s the most important thing parents care about, it provides a maximum protection to the child and meets every criterion of safety and quality standards.


    • Made of hypoallergenic material to make it healthy.
    • Can be placed above the ground level.
    • Portable and easy-to-move.


    • Should not be used with portable cribs.
    • Have some issues with durability as it’s the most lightweight model.

    Kolcraft Cozy Soft Portable Crib Mattress is the most lightweight model of our top crib mattress reviews. If you need a portable and an easy to use mattress, this is our pick for you. We recommend it if you are looking for a mattress for short term usage.

    Check Price on Amazon

    #12 My First Mattress Memory Foam Crib Mattress

    Editor Rating:


    • Product Name: My First Mattress Memory Foam.
    • Weight: 11.9 pounds.
    • Shipping Weight: 12.2 pounds.
    • Dimension: 51.6 x 5 x 27.2 inches.
    • Material Type: Memory Foam.
    • Shipping: Shipped within the USA only.
    • Warranty: Warranty provided on request to customer service.

    Are you looking for a memory foam mattress with super quality that meets high safety standards?

    My First Mattress Memory Foam



    Then, My First Mattress Memory Foam can be the perfect choice for memory foam lovers. This mattress comes with many features that ensure your baby's safe sleeping environment. This high-density memory foam provides extra firm that helps to promote restful sleep for your baby.

    It’s also nice to know that the mattress is not only comfortable but also supportive of your baby’s growing bones. Furthermore, the exact firmness of this mattress helps your baby to breathe safely in any position.

    And best of all, this high-quality foam mattress comes with a pocket-friendly price tag.

    Features and Feature Benefits

    Have a look at how this can be compatible with your need. The vital features and related benefits of this product are listed below-

    • Flexible Polyurethane Foam: As long as the material is the first priority, it comes up with a 100% polyurethane foam that provides entire safety to the baby.
    • Healthy and Hygienic: The lead-free and anti-microbial crib mattress ensures complete protection against germs and bacteria.
    • Washability: It’s completely waterproof and thus, easy to wash with detergents.


    • Firm density ensures equal body balance of the baby while sleeping.
    • Comes with a removable plush velour cover.
    • CertiPUR-US certified crib mattress.


    • Sensitive for people who have allergies to chemical smells.
    • Some samples are of 3.5″, not of 5″ as advertised.

    The biggest plus point of this model from our mattress reviews is- it has a CertiPUR certificate which indicates optimum quality. On the other hand, we want you to consider the dimension and chemical smell that comes out of it again before making the order.

    Check Price on Amazon

    Things to Consider Before Buying a New Crib Mattress

    What To Consider While Buying A New Crib Mattress?

    • Types of Crib Mattresses

      First things first, if you are a new parent, you might have no idea on how many types of crib mattresses are available in the market. ​

    • Foam Mattresses

      Lightest type of crib mattresses available. It offers a variety in thickness and firmness as well. The surface is too soft and thus, referred for infants under 18 months old.

    • Innerspring Mattresses

      There are coils or springs inside for providing flexibility and the coil itself is covered by padding, foaming, fabric etc. Gauge quality and cushioning are better in quality.

    • Organic Mattresses

      These are made of 100% pure organic materials like cotton, coconut fibers, wool, food grade polymers, natural latex, plant-based foams etc. Preferable for long term usage and durable service for a few years.

    • Mattress Cover Sizing

      As long as an outlook of a crib mattress is concerned, what comes at sight firstly is its cover. Use a washable, protective, fitting and waterproof mattress cover for your crib mattress. Also, importantly sizing of the cover is equally important because if your mattress gets too tight or too loose, the baby won’t be comfortable on it. Besides, it will ruin the visual outlook of the crib mattress. The size of the mattress cover varies according to the sizing of the mattress itself. So chose the mattress firstly and then order the cover that fits perfectly to the mattress.

    • Mattress Sizing

      Mattresses are of various sizes depending on their purpose of use, model number, price etc. By the definition, the maximum and minimum length of the crib mattresses are at 27 inches and 52 inches in length. The thickness remains not more than 6 inches. Any perfect mattress should be snuggly in the crib and there should not be any space between the mattress and the frame of the crib. If you find any space, the mattress can come out to be too small. To be noted, this is the standard sizing of crib mattresses. There can be little variations and that’s why we say, every mattress can’t suit in every crib frame.

    • The Firmness of Mattress

      As we are reviewing mattresses for children, firmness is an important factor to consider. A simple way to check the firmness of the mattress is- press the finger right in the center of the mattress and at the edge. If it reshapes itself into a similar rate, you can be sure about the uniform firmness of the mattress.

    • Compliance Standards

      The federal government has set some rules and dimensions for standard crib mattresses which are named as U.S. Compliance Standards for Crib Mattresses. Make sure to conduct ample research and check that your model obeys the compliance standards or not. If it’s negative, then you better leave that choice to let go and go to the next model from your list.

    • Waterproof or Not?

      Being waterproof is another great virtue that’s needed to be checked while you are buying a crib mattress for your baby. While sleeping, your infant or toddler may make the mattress wet and that can stay like that for more than couple of hours. So if your crib mattress is not waterproof enough, it may cause cold or other viral diseases that take place in the damp spaces.

    • Crib Mattress Weight

      As the mattress will be laid on the floor, you might be wondering about why this should be a buying factor. Well, the answer is the majority of the users or parents wash the crib mattress once in a week. So whenever you lift the mattress you have to carry that weight on you. So a lightweight mattress is always preferable. Also, if you only think about weight and try to get the mattress of minimum weight, the material quality and solidity may get ignored. So maintain a balance between the material weight and material quality.

    • Ventilation of the Mattress

      If you are thinking of buying a mattress for your newborn baby then you should definitely care about the ventilation system on your chosen mattress. Because a proper ventilation setup lets the air circulate through the mattress body. And that fresh air prevents your child from many diseases and discomfort as well. Most of the mattresses only ensure that baby can breathe through that. But the ventilation setup is not okay yet.

    • Flame Retardant or Not?

      You should be aware of every possible aspect that may take place with your mattress. If you go for the ordinary mattress, there is the no doubt that it will call upon damage to the body of the baby.

    • New Mattress or Old?

      Some of the parents think that, as mattresses will not be used roughly, it’s the same to buy an old mattress to a new one. But we recommend you not to do so. There lie many problems with an old mattress. Used mattresses are unsanitary and unhygienic. Also, there are issues with durability and comfort. Lastly, the risk of SIDS gets higher with unhygienic used mattresses.

    • Price-Quality Ratio

      As every other product, you should be doing enough research about the price and quality ratio. No one wants to spend their money in vain and as long as you can’t understand how well it’s going to serve your purpose, you have to pre-estimate its performance. Going through reviews or having some research will definitely help you to find the perfect crib mattress that maintains an equilibrium between your pocket and it’s quality together.

    Types of Crib Mattress

    1 Foam Mattress

    The very first type of crib mattress is the firm mattress that is the most affordable type among all of the crib mattresses types. It consists of one or two folds of foam that make the model a lightweight and easy to move one. Also, more benefits come with the type of crib mattresses like- it can be folded single handed and it can be removed from the crib easily.

    2 Foam Innerspring Mattress

    Apart from the solid type of foams, springs have been added to support the surface and to provide more inner strengths and firmness. These particular models are known as inner spring models of crib mattresses and consists of steel springs inside the surface of the mattress. While buying the spring embedded mattresses, make sure that the material quality of the mattress is good. Otherwise, it can collapse and sag after a couple of months of use.

    3 Pocket Spring Crib Mattress

    While you are thinking about buying the right crib mattress for your baby you can also take this particular type into consideration. In a structural point of view, this is quite similar to the above mentioned innerspring type of crib mattresses. The only difference lies in the mattress is- the springs are attached to pockets that help a lot to adjust the weight of your body and provide an equal reaction force to the body of the baby.

    4 Memory Foam Mattress

    The particular type of crib mattresses named pocket spring mattress is specialized for balancing the body weight of the baby. The unique feature of this particular type of mattress is- if the body is lifted from any portion of the mattress surface, then it will instantly spring back to its original position. This type of mattresses is well known for providing long and durable service.

    5 Organic and Natural Foam Mattress

    The last type of our crib mattress list is organic mattress made of 100% natural ingredients. There are a lot of people that prefer to use organic mattress instead of foam made or spring-attached mattresses, This helped a lot to avoid chemical emissions that come up with all of the other types of crib mattresses. Thus, it helps a lot to provide 100% healthy and natural protection to your baby while sleeping.

    Tips for Taking Care of Your Crib Mattresses

    Taking care of your crib mattress is something to be done with intense care on a regular basis. And of course, you need to have some technical knowledge on that before going for cleaning. So here are some tips for cleaning the crib mattress of your baby-

    • Revolve the Mattress

      Before starting any sew session of using, rotate the mattress. It means what was up, will be at the bottom at each new session of using.

    • Use A Clean Mattress Cover

      Don’t allow your baby to sleep directly on the crib mattress. It will lead it to rapid aging. Use a clean mattress cover of a gentle surface. Also, it is wise to change the cover instead of cleaning the entire mattress each time.

    • Change the Sheet on A Regular Basis

      Odor and dirt start happening to the mattress after use of about couple of months. So you have to change the top sheet regularly. Thus you can ensure that the odor and dirt from the sheet and cover don’t reach the mattress and have a permanent impact on the mattress.

    • Cleaning Urine from The Crib Mattress

      Each time a baby diaper leaks, urine gets surfaced on the mattress cover. Though most of the recommended brands from our crib mattress reviews have the waterproof technology, still, there is a chance that the urine reaches the mattress material. In that case, you have to clean the urine up with some selected type of cleaner.

    • Here is what you need to use while cleaning the crib mattress-
    • The cleaners that are enzyme based.
    • Cloths.
    • Baking Soda.
    • Vacuum cleaner.

    Choosing The Best Crib Mattress Brand

    We have provided an entire crib mattress reviews to choose the best fit for your need. But still, if you are a parent with no experience of buying a baby crib mattress before, you may get confused with the models of the list. Here we are for helping you out-

    Firstly, while choosing the crib mattress for your baby’s sound sleep, get to know what type of skin your baby has and what material will be perfect for the baby.

    Look at the reviews and get advice from parents who have used or purchased baby crib mattresses. Later when it’s time to order the crib mattress for your baby, take all of the factors like crib size, material type, hygienic issues, crib strength, durability, portability and finally the price-quality ratio.

    Where to Look for Crib Mattress sales?

    New Crib Mattress: From Marketplace

    You can always find some store that sells crib mattresses and another sort of mattresses anytime from any locality. The advantage is, you can see by yourself what you are going to pay for and the disadvantage is you don’t know how much effective it is because you don’t have any review or real user experience to learn from.

    New Crib Mattresses: From Amazon

    Amazon is the largest online marketplace in the world. So purchasing a product from there is a way better decision than local marketplaces. The advantages are- you can be guided and learn from reviews and ratings about any product, they will provide home delivery and thirdly, the companies offer after-sale customer service. One disadvantage is, you can’t see the item in person before they deliver at your home.

    Used Mattresses: From Users

    If you are maintaining a low budget and want to make a deal within the budget, you might be thinking of used mattresses from other users. The advantage is, you can get the mattress at almost half of the price but the disadvantage will be, there will be huge lacking of quality and durability.

    FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)


    A: Crib mattress is a special type of mattress that fit inside a frame of the crib and made of organic or inorganic materials.


    A: Yes, it is. As most of the times of an infant or toddler are spent at a sleeping environment, it is important to provide optimum safety and comfort to them. And crib mattresses are best at these two.


    A: No. Crib mattresses are of various sizing and materials. You have to pick your model from a list of various crib mattresses.


    A: Harmful chemicals can harm the human body. But the top crib mattress reviews we have covered here consists of least chemical emissions.


    A: The cleaning process of crib mattresses should be conducted in a systemic and decent way. We have provided prior instruction in the previous parts of this review.


    A: Any type of crib mattresses shouldn’t last for more than three years. So, after three years of using, you should think about changing the crib mattress.



    We put a lot of emphasis on the physical protection of our children with the use of car seats, safe toys and the recommendation to have babies sleep on their backs to reduce the incidence of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).

    We need to place similar emphasis on protecting our children from the subtle but potentially serious consequences of exposure to toxic chemicals.

    Top Crib Mattress mentioned some mattress which avoids the use of vinyl and foam, both of which contain potentially toxic chemicals such as phthalates and PBDE flame retardants.

    Read our 12 Best Crib Mattress Reviews, you can find safest and comfortable mattress for all infants and toddlers.

  • Best Mattress Type -Memory Foam vs Spring

    While buying a mattress, we made a decision on the level of comfort the mattress had to offer. But which is the best mattress type for that, as there are different types of mattresses? Is it the standard spring mattress or the foam mattress? Every individual has a different opinion about this. And so emerges a new rivalry of foam vs spring mattress. Which is the most confusing thing on the planet if you listen to every other person, to help you selecting the right type of mattress here you will get to know more about both foam and spring mattress, and what type makes the best bedding for you.

    Foam vs Spring Mattress

    The two basic categories of mattresses are foam and spring mattress. It is true that there are other types of mattresses beyond these two categories. Some manufacturers make air mattresses. And there are still water beds, where water is the main point of support for the mattress. But, they represent a very small percentage of this industry. And the truth is at the end of the day, the riddle the buyers end up with is the foam vs spring mattress debacle.

    • Foam mattress

      82So0Rq - Crib Mattress Reviews

      Foam mattresses right now is becoming the more popular mattress type with time. And why not? The mattresses provide an adaptable and ergonomic rest. Plus, they avoid the pressure points in the body. Generally, the firmness of these mattresses is usually medium or high. However, that depends on the model, the manufacturer of the foams and its composition. This mattress type offers a high degree of adaptability. But that may vary depending on the amount and density of the material. The more quantity and density of foams, the greater the degree of flexibility of the mattress.

      Foam mattresses can have one or two sides of use, depending on the characteristics of each. You can use them in summer as in winter since, in general, they are usually symmetrical.

      They are suitable for adults as well as for the elderly and young. They are also fit for sleepers suffering from low back, muscle or joint pain.

    • Spring Mattress

      Ojyqlcj - Crib Mattress Reviews
      Spring mattresses offer different sensations depending on the type of spring they incorporate. Although they are generally characterized by firmness and great perspiration. Solid spring mattresses combine the firmness with different types of cushioning layers. So, that offers greater comfort. These types of mattresses usually offer a central housing of springs. Plus, they have different layers of damping on each side of the mattress. And for the higher comfort, the mattresses use thick shock absorbers. And that ends up offering exceptional flexibility.

      Spring mattresses uses different types of springs to offer different characteristics. For example, pocket springs generally offer a lower degree of stability. But that also depends on the thickness of the spring and other components that form the mattress. The bagged springs will offer a more stable rest than the firm spring. Because they are independent springs. And they adapt better to the frame of the sleeper reducing the feeling of flexibility.

    Pros and Cons of both Mattresses

    In short, now you know about both mattress type. But from the foam vs spring mattress confrontation; you still don't know which might come as the winner. That's why I've made a list of pros and cons of both the mattresses. And the idea is to bring the essence of them to the general public. So, that you can find the answer yourself and get the right kind of bedding for your bed.

    Foam Mattress Pros & Cons 


    • Foam mattresses have a variety of positive qualities and are therefore preferred by people with back problems. These mattresses consist of a foam core and therefore offer an excellent rest.
    • They are superior to most spring mattresses because of their good reclining properties. A change in the sleeping position is immediately cushioned by a cold foam mattress.
    • Cold foam mattresses are moisture and temperature-regulating, therefore hardly susceptible to mites and dust which is great for people with allergy issues. They absorb liquid well and have high ventilation, which creates a healthy, dry sleeping environment.
    • The handling of foam mattresses is facilitated by the fact that they weigh only slightly. Moreover, these mattresses cause almost no noise when the body moves.


    • Unlike spring mattress they aren't that durable. They don't stay firm for long and that even for those mattresses for which you had to pay big bucks.
    • Due to the chemical manufacturing process, however, these mattresses often have a somewhat unpleasant odor at first. They should, therefore, be adequately ventilated in the first period. After a few days, this smell disappears.
    • Undeniably, they cost much more than a spring mattress.

    Spring Mattress Pros & Cons 


    • Steel spring core ensures good ventilation of the mattress. This is especially an advantage for people who perspire at night. They are also a solution for bed frames, which are not sufficiently ventilated from below.
    • Such mattresses are popular not only for its longevity but also for their particularly high stability. They are suitable for long-term use. And also appreciated by people who love a hard foundation to sleep on.


    • A puncture elasticity adapted to the different body zones is impossible with the spring core. This means that the shoulders and pelvis do not sink down optimally, which considerably restricts sleep comfort. Often a poor circulation, restless sleep, and joint pain are the results.
    • A further disadvantage of sleeping on a spring core mattress is that frequently when the body moves, it makes disturbing noise.

    A Few Final Words

    Foam vs spring mattress, which one should be the perfect option that depends on individual tastes. For some stability and long lasting characteristics might be important. And surely there are others who would love the loving soft feeling of the foam mattress. Hopefully, you know by now which kind of person you are.

  • How Long Does a Mattress Last?

    How long do mattresses last? That is a legitimate inquiry when anyone is thinking to buy a new mattress. And to this query, some will say 5 years, while some will say 7-10 years as there is no definitive answer. As there are many aspects one needs to understand first before get to know the thing they want to know. And if you don't make amends with the ballpark numbers and want to know the actual life cycle of your mattress then you are at the right place.

    After reading this article you will know how long do mattresses last and also you can do your part to make them last a bit longer.

    How long do mattresses last?

    First of all, how will you know if the mattress is out of order? This is something first you must know. Because sometimes people even don't realize that they need to change their beds. Over time, the basic integrity of the materials that provide support and comfort degrades. And that results in a gradual decrease of the rest provided by the mattress. So, if you wake up in pain (especially if you've gone to sleep without them) you'll realize for yourself how long do mattresses last.

    But if you want a time period then you should know that after 10 years no mattress retains its original qualities. Thus, it must be replaced. The duration of a mattress depends mainly on the quality of the mattress since the mattresses are divided according to their qualities, from a low range to a high range. The high-end mattresses will logically be manufactured using high-quality components that will have greater durability. In spite of this, the maximum time of use advisable for a mattress is of 10 years, after this period the mattress will show deficiencies that will be harmful to the health and well-being of the person who uses it.

    Lifespan of different type of mattresses

    For many, the durability of the mattress plays the vital role while choosing their mattress. As we know while most people prefer either the spring mattress or the foam one. So, let's see how long do each mattress last and how will we know they have lost their durability.

    Spring Mattress

    Spring mattresses are popular for their stability comparing to the other type of mattresses. So, they last longer than others. And for your information, a well-made spring mattress can easily last for 8-10 years depending on its use.

    But how do one will know if the spring mattress has served its lifetime. That is quite straightforward to understand. As you know such mattresses use coils within which provides the support and firmness. So, when you will find loose coils which might poke around your back. Plus, disfigured bumps on the mattress clearly indicates that it is finished. And that is the time you look out for brand new springs.

    Foam Mattress

    On the other hand, foam mattresses serve for at least 5-7 years. After that, it is advised to begin to analyze the health of your mattress on a regular basis.

    It is quite easy to know when such mattresses show signs of replacement. Like the obvious sagging. And when you sleep on it, you will feel like sinking in the quicksand. When you see such signs you know its time for a new mattress.

    How can mattress last longer?

    One of the reasons that mattresses don't last as their predicted mattress lifespan is because we don't take care of it. But only if we take care of it every day we might expand the life cycle of it by a year or so. And here are some tips that you can follow to do the same.

    Sheets are not enough protection. Think that our body rests for many hours on the mattress and a simple sheet will not prevent dust, dirt, moisture in it. To prevent this from happening it is best to use a protective cover or mattress cover. So, start using a mattress protector if you're not using one right now.

    Why use one? Because when you drop drinks on the mattress or your kids wet the bed, then the mattress soaks the liquids. And that might compromise the integrity of the components of the bed. For instance, it might cause degradation of the materials, can cause mold problems and I don't need to say about the unpleasant odors due to the spill. That is why everyone should use protectors which will let you keep your mattress dry in spite of the drink splash. But that is not all. It also comes handy for those sweat a lot while sleeping. Plus, mites won't affect the mattress too. Such little step can increase the lifespan which you can't imagine.

    Cleaning Your Crib Mattress

    Some people don't consider cleaning their crib mattress when they use the protectors. But like the people who don't use the protectors you should also clean the stuff to keep it dust free and clean. While cleaning you have to take special care, since it is much easier to cause mishaps and damage to the mattress. It is common advice to vacuum the mattress: well as long as there are the mites and no fibers near the surface. Because you don't want to be sucking fibers that are part of the quilting.

    With appropriate care, the durability of the mattress can be extended. This includes, for example, a regular turning of the mattress. Ideally, you should flip the mattress after every one or two months to ensure even wear.

    Do not make the bed as soon as you get up, it's good to let the mattress breathe for at least 20 minutes. In this way, we will avoid the appearance and increase of bacteria and mites.

    A Few Final Word

    Hopefully, now you got the idea of how long do crib mattresses last. And also, you know what you can do from yourself to extend its durability.

    Let us know what you think about it and if you have any more questions don't hesitate to ask.

  • How to Choose the Best Crib Mattress?

    Congrats on your newborn baby. It is the most precious thing in life. And obviously, for it, you will want the best things. Like a nice crib which is one of the biggest items, you will buy when shopping for your baby. But do not focus solely on the chassis while you shop. The crib mattress is often the most overlooked part of buying a crib. But the mattress is just as important as the rest of the crib. As your baby spends a lot of time on this mattress for the first few years of their lives, so make sure you have the best crib mattress.

    Why a crib mattress for your baby is important?

    We should realize that the baby will sleep in a crib until about 3 years old. Therefore, we have to choose the best crib mattress that guarantees us of all our baby's needs. It should cover their needs from being a baby to being a child. If they don't get proper rest, then the mental and physical growth can be obstructed. That is why it is vital to get the right kind of bed for the baby. And that should neither be very hard mattresses nor very soft. So what is the right sort? That is what you are going to find here.

    How to find the best crib mattress

    It becomes imperative to have the crib mattress for the most important person in your life. And you need to know how to find the best possible one. Here are some aspects that you should look out for while your search for the best crib mattress for your baby.

    • Density:

      The density of the mattress is decisive. Choosing a mattress with a correct density is quite significant. If you get one with too much firmness, it could impair the comfort of the tiny one. And if it is the other way around like too soft, the mattress would no longer play its supporting role. Therefore, you want the mattress to be firm and durable but also be soft. Because most of the time the baby will spend on it asleep. So it is crucial to choose a base that evenly distributes the baby's weight. This reduces the risk of deformity in the development of their spine or even complications on their fragile head.

    • Materials:

      Both the protector and the rest of the mattress must not cause any sort of allergic reaction. You want to make sure that the mattresses the babies don’t get skin irritations or respiratory problems due to the bed. Besides that, it is suggested to use a protective cover for the babies crib mattress. And make sure the protective cover is removable, washable and 100% cotton. Also, make certain you get a breathable crib mattress.

    • Temperature:

      A crib mattress that uses breathable materials help regulates the temperature. A mattress with a good ventilating system. The baby may have a sudden fever or any other sort of medical problems if the bed gets too hot for its liking.

    • Size:

      It is important to select a mattress on which the baby can sleep and move safely. This means, first of all, a mattress appropriate to the bed size and not a mattress too small. This way you can prevent the baby from slipping or getting caught in the gap between the bed and the bed structure.

    Types of crib mattresses

    There are many types of mattress around the market. Here are some of the most common ones that you might get to see in the stores nearby.

    • Foam mattress

      This category includes conventional foam mattresses. They have the advantage of being flexible and elastic, thus offering support and comfort to baby. On the other hand, they evacuate moisture less well.

      The core of polyether foam mattresses may contain a natural material such as coconut. This material provides better ventilation of the core.

    • Cold foam mattress

      Cold foam is a kind of polyurethane foam, with an open cell structure. These mattresses offer good ventilation and quickly soak away moisture. They are renowned for their great elasticity and comfort.

      These type of mattress has a different type which is known as memory foam. This mattress also eliminates excess heat and moisture. A memory foam mattress softens with heat. The body heat of your baby models the mattress according to its body. The weight is thus distributed on the mattress without any pressure point. This type of mattress helps prevent the flattening of the baby's head.

    • Polyester fiber mattress

      As the name implies, these mattresses consist of several layers of polyester. Their ventilated composition ensures excellent control of heat and humidity. In addition, their core is recyclable.

    • Pocket spring mattress

      If you open a pocket spring mattress, you will see a multitude of springs packed separately. Thanks to them, the mattress adapts to the shape of the body. The springs are flexible enough to fit the baby's weight while offering enough strength. Your child will always be comfortable on this type of crib mattress while he is growing and gaining weight. The coating of a pocket coil mattress is also very stable. Finally, the pocket springs also provide optimum ventilation and good humidity control.

    • Latex mattress

      The latex is made of foam rubber. It is, therefore, a flexible and elastic material, which allows the mattress to adapt perfectly to your baby's body to provide ideal support. The open cell structure and ventilation ducts ensure optimal air circulation.

      Besides them, there is some unconventional type of crib mattress too out there like gel mattress which uses a breathable material and does not get altered with changes in temperature. Also, some might use the sofa cushions which is more of a crib mattress pad, to be honest with.

      But for a baby, it is better to go with the foam mattress. As they meet the criteria of not being too hard and soft. But logically, the best crib mattress will be the one that covers all the rest and safety needs of your baby.

    A Few Final Words

    Among all the basics baby needs, the crib mattress may be one of the most important things. As a suitable mattress can ensure the baby's safety and promote a good rest. And sleep for a baby is important for their development. So take your time and make the right choice which you will do for sure.

  • How to Clean Pee Out of a Mattress?

    If you have a pet or baby you will already be accustomed to spotting urine stains from time to time somewhere in your homes, such as the sofa, carpet or even the crib mattress on which your baby sleeps. It can also happen if the little one in the house is starting to control urine but has not yet fully mastered it. For different causes, we may find the need to remove urine stains where we sleep. But there are some people who don't know how to clean pee out of a mattress. Luckily there are some simple homemade tricks to eliminate these disgusting stains and smells and eliminate them permanently.

    Why do you need to clean pee stains?

    I don't think that anyone will ask this question. But there might be some lazy dads or pet owners who might be thinking why I need to clean that. Why not let the mattress soak all the glory ( the urine of your pet or kids, whatever that caused it). For them, you need to clean for your own sake, and for the sake of your bed. You might be able to cover the stain using a bed sheet but the odor will not let your baby sleep. On the other hand, the urine isn't liquid. It is an acid. So, it has bacteria's which might be harmful to your health. Plus if you let the crib mattress soak the pee then it will also harm its quality. So, it might not last as long as you would have thought. Therefore, any sensible person would keep things clean even the lazy ones.

    Is it possible to eliminate pee stains?

    Yes, of course. But like many other things, the process may require some patience. So do not be overwhelmed if you have to repeat the same process several times to get the best results possible. Remember that it is always easier to completely remove unwanted accident with fluid when you act on them immediately. If it is still wet there might very likely be evidence remaining of it on the mattress which still didn’t damage or create a suspicious smell to the mattress. That moment you get to start with the proceedings to keep things under control. But If you do not know how to do it, do not stop reading yet.

    How to clean pee out of a crib mattress?

    It is difficult for some people to clean the urine out, and they might even make things worse. That is because they don't know how to clean pee out of a mattress. And if you don't want to be that person then you probably can try to learn some quick tricks. The best part about these tips that most of the solutions are at your arm's length. So, you don't need to go out looking for them as they can be found at your home. Let's get started then.

    • Vinegar

      Vinegar is very useful for a lot of things. From acne problems to even killing bacteria and the odor of urine. Just apply a quantity of vinegar on the stained surface and then quickly suck the excess liquid. You can use a towel to absorb it. You can also try this with alcohol. You will have the same results and the entire process is the same. And by the way, alcohol evaporates more easily. So, it might be a better choice if you can spare some to cleaning the pee out.

    • Baking Soda

      If you use baking soda or corn starch, you should pour it directly onto the affected area and brush it with a brush. Maintain the mixture for at least 24 hours on the stain so that it absorbs all the urine and neutralizes the odors. If the area that has been affected is very wide, mix either of these two ingredients with water and spread them with a soft sponge and then brush them.

    • Talcum

      As you have done with baking soda, you can also use talcum to absorb urine and remove bad odors.

    • Shampoo

      For the best results to clean the urine stain, you need to act fast. So, when it is recent, it is much easier to remove the smell and bacteria from the mattress. If you don't know how to clean pee out of a mattress then you will waste some valuable time. So, don't waste time thinking and just act on the stained area with a little shampoo and then apply a damp cloth to absorb the excess foam. To finish you have to put the mattress to dry in the sun, or you can use a hair dryer too.

    • Steam cleaning

      Of all the methods mentioned, I consider that this is the most effective, whenever you can apply it. You will eliminate the stain of urine, its smell and the germs caused due to it. Use a hot steam system combined with a cleaning product to remove urine stains from the mattress. Hot steam mixed with the optimum cleaning product will leave your mattress like new.

    • Future Steps

      Now you know how to clean pee out of a mattress. But the better option is to know how you don't have to worry about the problem in the future. In the case of such accidents, you now can act. But if you have a small kid or pets the correct option is to be prepared. So, use a protector for the mattress. That way, you don't have to worry about the mattress soaking the urine. So, no stains to clean. Plus, such protectors don't absorb the liquid. Hence you can clean them easily. And you don't need to be on your toes all the time if you use them. You can clean them any time. Much easier to clean than the mattress. So, it saves more time.

    A Few Final Word

    Do you know any other tricks to how to clean pee out of a mattress? If you have other solutions that you think work the same or better then share them with our readers. Let them know they are not alone in the fight against urine stains and odors.

  • How to Get Baby to Sleep in a Crib?

    Do you know that newborn babies sleep almost 14 to 18 hours a day? So, it does not come as a big surprise that your baby sleeps anytime anywhere except for the crib. This is a real challenge for many parents. And so, it is obvious that parents want to find the secret formula. They want to know how to get baby to sleep in crib. Assuming that you want to find that out too as you are here. So, let's get started to deal with this problem.

    Why A baby needs a crib?

    Many parents believe that babies do not need a crib. And many parents, especially mothers feel that way with their babies. As they believe that the baby might be safer with her in a bed rather than being in a crib. While it may be tempting to put the baby in bed with you, it is not safe. Instead, it is better to train them to sleep in a crib or a bassinet for their own safety. Furthermore, getting a baby to sleep in a crib allows parents to sleep better which helps them get through the rest of their day’s activities. But how to get baby to sleep in crib? That's a million dollar question that had no answer till now. Because with time and persistence, anyone can train a newborn baby to sleep in his or her own crib. And you can too after reading this.

    How to get baby to sleep in crib?

    • How to get baby to sleep in crib when it can't even stay a minute without its mother. That is a common problem as babies spend 9 months in the womb of their mother. So they prefer to fall asleep near theirs or in the arms of the father. And for that reason, babies don't like to sleep in a crib especially if you keep the crib in a separate bedroom. To get your baby adapt to its new sleeping arrangements, it is better to keep the crib in your bedroom within a remote distance. This helps the baby to feel comfortable with the sleeping space. And with time the baby will get accustomed with its sleeping bed. When it does, you can move the crib back to its original place.
    • Parents go to the crib from time to time to see how their baby is doing. But that is something you should try to avoid. I'm not saying that you shouldn't check on them. But do that discreetly and don't go frequently. Let them be on their own. Only go to see if the baby is crying, but then return to your own bed or daily tasks so it learns to fall asleep in the cradle without you. You wanted to know how to get baby to sleep in crib. That's how you get them to sleep in their crib. Check and comfort the baby when it cries. But then you need to learn to walk away so that the baby finally learns to fall asleep on his own. Although it may seem cruel to let a baby cry alone for a period of time. But this approach emphasizes that the baby will soon adapt and learn that time in the crib which means bedtime for him.
    • Make sure your baby is awake when you put him in the crib, if possible. While many newborns fall asleep while nursing or are bottle fed, it is helpful to teach the child that sleep time is something they can initiate on their own. Once you have finished feeding and changing the diaper, put the baby in the bassinet when they are drowsy and not fully asleep. This will help them learn to calm down and get them to sleep in the crib on their own.
    • Create a consistent routine for your baby. Consistent routines work as sleep initiation which helps to make the baby feel drowsy before being placed in the crib. Bathing, feeding, putting on a clean diaper, rocking the baby gently, singing a lullaby, and then putting the baby in the cradle is a typical routine for many newborns parents. So, try to do some sort of routine with your baby. Because then the baby will be more likely to fall asleep on his own in the crib once you do that routine.
    • Wait until the baby shows signs of being ready to put to sleep in his crib. Because if you put a baby to sleep in his crib when he is active and playful, and still not tired, you will only make him awake even more. If you wait to see signs that the baby is ready to sleep, such as rubbing the eyes, yawning and getting in and out of the early stage of sleep, it will be easier for the baby to sleep placidly in his crib, because he will be tired.
    • Wrap your baby in a blanket. Newborns are accustomed to a relatively tight environment, so wrapping it tightly can help the baby to fall asleep for longer. Not only can it be a source of comfort, it also helps minimize the startle reflexes that can wake the baby. To wrap the baby, fold the blanket into a large triangle and place your baby in the middle. Cover the baby with one side of the blanket, wrapping it firmly around the body and tucking it under the body. Take the other side of the triangle and fold it over the baby, again pushing it under your body as you place it in the crib. It seems nothing to you but for a baby, the tight sheath around it feels like a safety net.

    A Few Final Words

    The mystery of how to get baby to sleep in crib is solved. We just let you know all the things that you can do to make your baby get adjusted to its crib. Hopefully, the above tips will come to your rescue. Just be patient and give some time.

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